New Summer Trash: Guilt

Guilt is one of those shows that I am so excited about, the first episode is this Monday on Freeform and is one of the first more ‘young adult’ shows offered up by them as they make the move from teenage main characters to ones above legal drinking age.

An upcoming TV show draws inspiration from the Amanda Knox case which leaves a bad taste in my mouth so I’m just going to ignore that, after all there are a billion horror movies out there which are allegedly inspired by a true story which eventual turn out to be bullshit.

The main character (played by Anthony Head’s kid who looks like another actress who’s name I can’t place) is an American student in London whose roommate dies mysterious and the blame is placed squarely on her. Sex drugs and royalty are what’s on the menu, fancy parties and unexplainable financial situations.


From the trailer it’s got the cheese factor and that weird inauthenticity that comes from any American show filmed in London. But I’m anticipating that annoyingly addictive strain of tv that came with pretty little liars, a lot of beautiful people, cute clothes and plot holes.




Bring on Monday.

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