Wynona Earp 11

Wynonna Earp- Episode 11


Wynonna Earp has easily become one of my new favourite shows, strong leads, layered characters and solid mysteries. Also I’m a sucker for anything with either guns or demons and finally this is a show, which marries the two together.

Episode eleven manages to throw a wrench in the works of an already fast paced show by revealing that the eldest Earp Willa is actually alive and kicking had been in a forest cult for the past however many years. To be honest this was a pretty interesting twist, Willa had been fridged early on in order to further the two Earp sisters plot development so I’ve got to wonder if there isn’t a little something more too it. Also due to the fact I really like all the characters on the show and I think they’ve got a pretty good balance of screen time I hope that none of them are side lined in order to make room for new characters.

In villain of the week news, two vampire sisters with the ability to turn men into their slaves came on the scene just in time for the local poker game and high rollers coming into town. I didn’t really pay much attention to these two, maybe it was the writing or how they sort of felt tacked on at the end but you kind of knew what was going to happen.

Agent Dolls has been coming into himself in recent episodes and I’m kind of digging whatever his secret is, I haven’t read the comics but I suspect that’s probably some kind of demon. Or there was a comment that Willa made about angels and I’m thinking that there might be something more to that.

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