Roadies: The Pilot


Spoilers… surprisingly…

Roadies is that strange breed of show that would have been huge five years ago the stars were huge and so was the subject matter and now I don’t suspect that it will a season. But I love it.

It’s a family show about an unconventional family of roadies on a tour for an imagery band, the behind the scenes of a world tour directed by Cameron Crowe and other bigwigs. Bill is an aging or ‘old rock’ who’s bedding women he has nothing in common with, Shelli is the highly strung production manager (I think) with a rocky marriage to taylor swift’s tour manager and Kelly Ann who is on her last tour before film school.

Kelly Ann feels like the main character for this episode as we’re waiting for her to go to film school. And of course she doesn’t because that wouldn’t be a good set up for a TV show about the behind the scenes of a rock tour. This felt kind of disappointing for me, the characters being stuck in an arrested development where they want to leave but never quite manage it.

There are of course other things going on, including a British money manager coming to the tour because the band is spending too much money. I can see this being the English guy is going to be the bad guy for the first few episodes before he’s won round by the rag tag group of misfits he’s going to stand up for them an make sure they all keep their job.

But I liked it, I liked all the characters and I could happily watch five seasons of it and I like Cameron Crowe there’s a certain type of nostalgia he seems to capture in his work that just warms my heart. I hope they keep it around for a while as it grows into itself, if you like Nashville then I think you’ll appreciate this

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