Game of Thrones: Sansa Rising

Spoilers….like come on you should know that…


So Game of Thrones happened…

After a couple of episodes of character and story development we are finally getting the emotional pay off with probably the most god dam satisfying episode of the whole god dam show, seriously the deaths and the successes were just beautiful.

As we start off with Daenerys made a righteous return to Meeren with dragons and an entire dosh khaleen on her tail. In usual Dany fashion she gives the finger to the masters and sets fire to the boats the master’s arrive in. For the past few weeks people have been contemplating which side of the proverbial ‘madness or greatness’ targaryen coin that made her father that guy that wanted to…you know ‘burn them all’…

Relating to that Tyrion made a slight throwaway comment about how the Mad King stowed away wildfire through out Kings Landing may potentially be related to Cersei’s comment the other episode asking if ‘he’d found it/”

And then the smirk that launched a thousand ships, Yara and Dany agreeing to team up has the potential to cause big problems for the Westeroes after all the one main part Dany was missing was a decent admiral to actually get her to Westeroes although this could end in a travesty.

Now onto the god damn battle of the Bastards. From the score, to the acting to the direction this was one of the best parts of any TV show in the past twelve months. Ramsay is such a perfect villain, he’s doing everything at that moment out of sheer hate and spite, he wants Winterfell and nothing else really matters to him. As Jon and Ramsay meet for the first time Jon challenges him to a one on one battle that he readily refuses, he knows that his army can beat Jon’s but he’s pretty certain that he can’t beat him one on one. But as Sansa watches Ramsay do his thing where he antagonises Jon about Rickon and the dead direwolf, she tells Ramsay that he will die tomorrow and in that moment you know she means it.

The lead up to the battle is pretty everything with a differing opinions and a bleak out look and the pracitcally soul crushing moment where Davos comes across the little stag that he whittled for Shireen. And the battle…wait actually before that we’ve got Ramsay releasing Rickon and watching him go across a battle field followed by a flurry of arrows. Jon Snow gets so close to his brother before the arrow hits him right through the chest and Sansa’s words ring clear that Ransay is the one setting traps and using Jon’s emotions against him.

As they go into battle my favourite unappreciated warrior being the giant is instrumental in the fucking up of the Boltons, it’s violent and it’s brutal in the best way as you can practically feel every blow and the scene where Jon is practically suffocated by the trampling army is especially brutal. They’re surrounded by the Bolton army and everything looks bleak and bam the Tully come over the hill ready to fuck them up. Now this was a great final hour change that feels a little too easy after all they’d been lamenting their lack of men and then in the final minute there they are over the horizon.

And then we see Sansa Stark on horseback next to Littlefinger and we remember that this is Game of Thrones and it isn’t as easy as the hero and villian archetype set out in the Battle of the Bastards framing, Jon is good and Ramsay is bad. But Sansa Stark needs to win more than either of them, she’s been learning battle tactics from Cersei and Littlefinger she knew that Jon knowing about the forces would have ruined the element of surprise.

Culminating in the demise of Ramsay Bolton (and my fave the giant #gonetoosoon) Jon Snow pummelling Ramsay with god dam rage is my second favourite scene of this whole episode, it’s primal and is just the pure hatred that Jon Snow feels for this man and after seeing Ramsay fuck up literally everyone else life you finally see him scared. Put none of that compares to Sansa Stark’s final scene with him, putting Ramsay in a room with the dogs he’d starved this is miles away from the girl that left Winterfell at the end of season one. She’s finally returned home, Winterfell is essentially hers but as Ramsay’s words ‘I’m a part of you’ srill ring in the air at what price has the victory come??

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