Three seasons Freeform’s Guilt could learn from Pretty Little Liars

Three things Guilt could learn from Pretty Little Liars


Guilt is all set to be this summers who-dunnit extraordinary Giles from Buffy is in it playing an American and so is Billy Zane. It’s got the perfect trash factor so why does it have such shit ratings? Compared to Freeforms other mystery staring beautiful people Pretty Little Liars it should have no trouble finding a fan base, maybe it should take a couple of hints and get itself on the right track


  • Know your frenemy

In the prologue we see Grace and Molly partying with a sea of people, it’s implied that both girls are popular with tons of friends and then as soon as Molly dies not one of them pops by to see if she’s okay or even sell their story. In Pretty Little Liars everyone looked guilty from the start (though it later turned out they were guilty of other things) Whereas on Guilt you know Roz is pimping out her girlfriends but that’s kind of it, everyone’s a bit…flat.


  • Lack of love story

One of the main draws for Pretty Little Liars was the relationship between Ezra and Aria ( and then Hanna Caleb and so on and so on) but the relationships were interesting and intense, the only one I’m even aware of on Guilt is between Grace and her French boyfriend which is now just a series of phone calls and no real chemistry


  • Keeping up the settings

London is a big place, like really big and has probably one of the most diverse populations. To be honest the average man on the street probably has more to worry about than some girl who may or may not have killed her best friend. The small town nature of Rosewood only intensified the crime, same with Twin Peaks and other shows make more noise in a smaller town. Plus the geography of London seems super off in this show

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