Scream: Season 2×06: It’s getting good


Like a lot of people the idea of a Scream TV show didn’t really get me excited (maybe if Kevin Williamson was attached but overall no…) And I watched because it’s a cast full of cute people, there’s a decent amount of gore and the fact that I’ve got no social life.

The story line is has almost evolved past the ‘Brandon James’ storyline of the previous season and is now focusing on who the new killer is and if Audrey is psycho or not.

Stand out for this episode was Brooke tying up her ex-teacher boyfriend and threatening …many things unless he gave her answers. I’m always a fan of the typical ‘dumb blonde’ breaking stereotypes and getting what’s hers.

One weird and dramatic moment within the episode was the ‘kidnap’ of Audrey and Noah, as he bared his soul to her and then it turned out she’d faked the kidnapping to try and prove she wasn’t the killer… I don’t really know. I’ve never been accused of being a killer but I’m pretty sure that’s not the way to go about it.

Overall the side stories on the show are kind of great at the moment, I hope the show kind of tries to be funnier. I know it’s a horror show but you legit can’t make this last without a decent amount of comedy so please don’t kill Noah.

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