The Game of Thrones ending or is it…

After much speculation HBO has announced that Game of Thrones will be ending in it’s 8th season in 2018. Meaning that we’ll potentially get the ending to the TV show before we get the next book.

Making the declaration the HBO head of broadcasting Casey Bloys made the statement on Saturday while not ruling out potential spin offs “we’re open to it, (the producers) aren’t opposed to it, but there’s no concrete plans right now”

So what kind of spin offs could Game of Thrones be privy to in the future:

  • Real Housewives of Kings Landing: Cersei Lannister takes on Lisa Vanderpumps role as HBIC and drinking plenty of wine
  • The Bachelorette of Westeros: When Dany eventually crosses the sea and *fingers cross* takes the iron throne she starts dating. Similar to the average Bachelorette but when you piss her off you meet the dragons
  • Rich Kids of Winterfell: Sansa Stark takes a much needed break from life to update her instagram account god knows she deserves it.

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