Suicide Squad: The reviews are in and it’s not the best…

What was supposed to be the perfect antidote to the gloomy and convoluted style of Batman v Superman. Suicide Squad was billed as funny and raunchy with the catchy tagline: Worst.Superhero.Ever.

A team of Super Villans are put together by the government and forced to do their bidding

With the reviews being embargoed until a day before the release, the critics have been all around unimpressed by the film

There have been good reviews and bad reviews with most critics sighting Margot Robbie and Will Smith as highlights in a brash and messy movie.


“Like Avengers Assemble forced through a Deadpool mangle, Suicide Squad gives new life to DC’s big-screen universe. So bad-to-the-bone it’s good.”
Dan Jolin·Empire

But unlike Deadpool, Suicide Squad was held back by it’s PG-13 rating meaning that the non superheroes can only be as raunchy as far as a parentally guided thirteen year old can manage.

As storytelling, Suicide Squad is the worst of the worst. This is all just high-priced junk.

David Edelstein·Vulture

After a million years of hype and the movie tie-ins hopefully DC will learn from this when I eventually get my Harley spin off *fingers crossed*

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