How are people still being catfished??

I am not the technologically incline, I have a snapchat account somewhere but I can happily live with a what app account and never checking my Facebook account.

But even I know that if you’re really getting to know someone online you should at least have a Skype conversation at some point in time. Sadly catfish still seems to have a whole host of people who believe their loved one online just has a faulty wifi connection.

Today’s episode didn’t quite reach the amazing heights of the guy who bought an engagement ring for Katy Perry it involved a whole host of impersonations and Facebook accounts.

Andrea Russett is a cute girl with three million youtube subscribers (I’ve never heard of her tbh) who has several people impersonating her, but with being a sort of celebrity she rolls with it until she discovers an intricate web of fake profiles and some guy who accidentally fell in love with the girl pretending to be her.

Of course everything gets resolved and everyone is better off because this is catfish and very rarely do they accept that some of these people are kind of shitty. I mean the girl this episode seemed very sad but I think they need to take more responsibility. Anyway it’s my own fault for watching

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