15 things you may not know about Pretty Little Liars

After that episode we are desperate for our next fix of Pretty Little Liars and now we know it’s finishing at the end of this season it just makes us appreciate this crazy show all the more so if you need an extra fix of Pretty Little Liars here are some facts you may not know about the series:

Pretty Little Liars season premiere was one of the most tweeted about television debuts in history

Rosewood is loosely based on Rosemont, Pennsylvania which is also the inspiration for Pine Valley, the setting of All My Children which Ashley Benson used to star on.


James Neate who played Chris in the 100 was the original Toby in the pilot before being recast along with the actors who played Ian and Mrs D. and Jason (there were a lot of changes in the beginning)

Most of Rosewood is actually shot on the same set as Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls, the Apple Rose Grill was once Luke’s Diner


Sasha Pieterse was originally cast to play Hanna before Marlene thought she was too young to play a shoplifter

Lucy Hale’s first name is actually Karen, her middle name is Lucille and Shay Mitchell’s real first name is Shannon

Just like her go-getting character Troian was the was the valedictorian of her class.


Keegan Allen has a photography book called Life.Love.Beauty

Ashley Tisdale was originally offered a Liars Audition but turned it down to join the cast of Hellcats  (a short lived CW series) about cheerleading also in a weird link Ashley Benson (Hanna) played a cheerleader in a Bring it on spin-off and a lifetime movie

Along with fellow PLL cast member Shane Coffey (Holden) Troian produced and starred in a short movie called Exiles in a reimagined ending to Romeo and Juliet.


Bianca Lawson who played Maya in the first few seasons of the show is actually Beyonce’s step sister after Bianca’s dad married Tina Knowles

The first six seasons take place within the final two years of high school


Sara Shepard who wrote the original series cameoed as a news reporter in season five

Ian Harding (Ezra) was born in Germany to an American military family


Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale were myspace friends years before they landed the tv show together


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