What we know about the Gilmore Girls revival: Dean, Jess,Logan (Tristan?)

It’s been nearly seven years in the making and FINALLY The Gilmore Girls will be coming back into our lives. Set your alarms for November 25 and keep your Netflix subscriptions updates because all four episodes will be released and you’ll be able to experience a Year in the Life of the Gilmore Girls starting in Winter.

There have been a couple of little bits of information on what exactly is going to be going on in each of the four 90 minute episodes. We know that Amy Sherman Palladino is heading up the revival, after leaving at the end of Season 6 and season 7 being well less than perfect it’s set to be a great final ending to the show and Amy even has the last four words planned out for years.

In terms of characters everyone from Star’s Hollow seems to be back, Taylor, Babette, Kirk and Lane (Lane’s twin boys will also be nine years old) will all be making appearances throughout the year. And despite controversy Melissa McCarthy will be back, IMDB only has her listed for one episode but obviously we don’t know the full story yet. All of Rory’s ex-boyfriends all be making an appearance throughout the revival but Matt Czuchry is the only one listed for all four episodes.

There will be a couple of new faces added to Star’s Hollow as well, Sutton Foster who starred alongside Kelly Bishop in Amy Sherman Palladino’s short lived Bunheads will be in an episode.

And in a blast from the past that we didn’t expect, up and coming actress Ashley Caple is listed for two episodes and as Tristan’s (Chad Michael Murray’s rich boy character from the first couple of seasons) girlfriend but there has been no talk of Mr Murray returning.

Not much is known about the storyline of the miniseries but Amy S.P. has hinted that Rory is going through something of a quarter life crisis as nothing is turning out quite the way she planned (we can all relate to that) and despite perusing journalism photos from set show her back at Chilton so maybe she goes back to her love for books and starts teaching.

Amy has also said that all three generations of Gilmore Girls will feel the loss of Richard Gilmore after the passing of Ed Herrmann maybe inspiring Rory to return back to her hometown and reassess what’s important to her.



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