You’re the Worst: Love and Napkins

You’re the Worst is a wonderful show about the terrible factors of the human condition. Emotionally stunted and verbally abusive people butt heads in L.A while trying to find moments of clarity between it all. The show has a more honest approach to subjects like mental health and relationships than some more traditionally successful shows.

Season three starts with Gretchen saying I love you and Jimmy completely rejecting the notion. Gretchen obviously pissed off because he denies that him saying it drunk whereas Jimmy is relatively surprised Gretchen doesn’t wash her legs.

The two stumble over mental hurdles to admit their relationship has moved up a level while both still being emotional trashcan fires.

Meanwhile Lindsay and her husband so boring I forgot his name are ready to start a new life now that she’s pregnant. What seems to be a traditionally perfect set-up, husband gets rid of his bike and they look set to be an actual couple. Until husband decides that they’ll get six months of Red Napkin prepackaged and Lindsay remembers the reason why she rebelled against the traditional life at first.

In  a scene no one really saw coming Lindsay continues to chop mushrooms while husband waxes lyrically about the lack of surprises soon to come and Lindsay dives the knife into his side…


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