Famous in Love: Could this show be the next Pretty Little Liars?

As it was announced that Pretty Little Liars will end at this season we’re scrambling to find our next fix for salacious young adult drama and gossip, so when Marlene King announced she was adapting another book series we got our hopes up.


Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne plays Paige Townsen an unassuming small-town college girl who’s life changes over night when she gets cast in a major movie series. Facing the pressures of her mounting celebrity and keeping her the relationships from her old life together, Paige also finds herself caught in the middle of a love triangle between her co-stars.

But there’s a twist, the beautiful Tangey Turner, a poster whom both her co-stars were previously linked too disappears from the public eye and no one knows what happened too her…

Famous in Love ticks off a lot of the same boxes that Pretty Little Liars did, the former disney kid starring in it, the missing girl, based on a crazy popular book series and featuring all the romance and scandal we’ve come to expect from a Marlene King TV show this could either shape up to be a must watch or a total disaster when it hits our screens next year.

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