Kardashians and Chynas: Episode Recap

Are Rob and Chyna breaking up?


I mean this isn’t a spoiler right? We’ve seen the stories, they have a spin-off show coming up I don’t think I’m remiss by saying this.

The downside of drama playing out in the press means there is no real tension in Keeping up with the Kardashians anymore as Rob and Chyna fight Kim plays peacemaker.

Funnily enough the episode starts off with Kourtney reminiscing about the last time she was in Vegas as Kylie plans her 21st birthday party, Kourtney talks about the last time she was in Vegas with Khloe, Kim, Chyna and uhh Tyga. Crazy how things come full circle.

What is kind of amazing is that they actually address Rob’s depression as a real thing and understand the side effects, not something you find in even the most progressive TV shows.

Meanwhile Khloe is facing up to her birthday, after having a couple of shit ones the past few years she isn’t exactly over the moon about the upcoming festivities. But as they build bridges with Chyna and bond over how to manage Rob, Khloe reaches out too her and invites her too her birthday party.

Things work out and everyones friendly just in time for a Rob and Chyna premiere!

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