Season three Flash updates!

A massive undertaking is going in season three of the flash and in the entire world of CW DC as they make room for Supergirl.
As Barry Allen has created his perfect world within the flashpoint as his parents are alive and happy but everything isn’t as it seems The Wests don’t know him and Cisco is kind of a dick. In the real world is facing a whole new world of villains without it’s trusty fast superhero to defend them.The trailer from comic con showed the long awaited appearance of Kid Flash as Wally West takes up the helm.
Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer gave a recent interview where he hinted about the possible corruption of Barry Allen’s character as he returns from the flashpoint and may devolve from his sweet boy next-door archetype.

The Flash Season 3 will premiere on Tuesday, October 4th at 8 pm

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