So what horror movie are they remaking now?

After the remake of the poltergeist, the seventy million Saw remakes and the tv adaptation of the omen it was only a matter of time before the absolute timeless classic The Exorcist gets the TV treatment.

It’s modern, it’s glossy, it stars Geena Davis and if it was on HBO it might have a potential to be good but there’s only so far that the show will be able to go on Fox.

The fresh modern retake has the brilliant Alfonso Herrera (sense8) playing the younger sceptical priest who is unsure whether or not the young girl is possessed.

Gene Davis is nailing the creepy Stepford mom who’s daughter may be possessed or who may just be crazy herself.

Again this feels like something that could have happened without having it linked too such an established and well liked movie. They could have even done it without the confines of religion as well, make demons a risk to everyone!

Anyway check out the trailer and tell me what you think

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