Is Zayn Malik developing a boy-band tv drama?

In collaboration with Dick and Noelle Wolf; Zayn Malik of One Direction and Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend fame will be providing his insights into the world of being in one of the biggest boybands on the planet.

The boy-band drama will be conveniently named ‘Boys’ will follow the rise of a superstar boyband (fingers crossed it’s called two ways or something ridiculous) from humble beginnings to the unbelievable heights.

This drama which is currently being developed for NBC, has the potential too attract not only legions of One Direction fans but pop culture fans in general if they add cute country singers and disney kids gone wild.

Noel Wolfe said in a statement “‘Boys’ will be a show that’s totally integrated on broadcast and digital platforms. Casting and original music will be major components, giving the show promotional potential on multiple levels.”

So if they learn from the mistakes that Glee committed and that empire does occasionally they could have a real winner on their hands.

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