Mary + Jane pilot

In this new MTV sitcom we have all the markers of something ordinary, we have spunky brunette and sweet blonde trying to get a business off the ground in a sea of colourful characters.
Jordan and Paige are like every twenty something millennial, just trying to create their own start-up in a cutthroat business world.
But instead of selling homemade hairbands on etsy they’ve found their calling in a ‘mostly legal prescription’ weed delivery service.
We’ve got Jordan, the tough stoner who doesn’t care for a lot of L.A’s bullshit and accidentally sleeps with the customers.
And very nice, very particular Paige who states “I gave up my lifestyle blog for this.” When Jordan doesn’t seem to be taking the business as seriously as her. In this pilot, the two girls are trying to make their way up the ‘green 15’ of weed delivery services in L.A after their rival hipster manages to get there with the help of a picture of Seth Rogen.
It’s either a very cute version of breaking bad or a tougher version of two broke girls, it finds it’s footing somewhere in the middle. In terms of story I can’t see it going past the first season unless they have something up their sleeves, but that’s never stopped TV shows before so lean back and enjoy the ride.

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