Startup Pilot

Convoluted cast of characters and sex scenes that just feel tacked on in a really weird way StartUp wants to be a sexy tech crime drama but doesn’t really know how too.

Martin Freeman plays an FBI agent who is currently blackmailing corrupt banker Andrew Talman after he discovers his dodgy dealings.

The stand out is Izzy Morales (whose name seems very on the nose) played by the stunning Otmara Marrero, she’s the hardened tech genius who has created a new form of currency called Gencoin.

In Haiti Ronald Dacey is a criminal wanting to go straight even when everything is standing in his way.

Adam Brody’s character an effable everyman named Nick Talman who is strongarmed into helping his father hide the money Martin Freeman’s character is chasing him for and Nick uses the money to fund Izzy’s startup.

Everything seems to be swirling in the air with not enough attention given to each plotlne and there is a tentative amount of links between the stories the only interesting moment is in the final few minutes when we see Dacey in Nick’s home and there’s obviously a history between them.

Definitely think the next episode will pack more punch and hopefully the more we see these characters the better the drama will be.

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