80s dark comedy Heathers to be remade into a TV series.

What’s your damage?

After creating the blueprint for the high school mean girls there hasn’t been a bitch who managed to live up the psychopathy of the Heathers.

There has been remake and sequel rumours going since 2010 with Veronica’s daughter being the head bitch and another one where the Heathers are a group a.la Real Housewives.
But now in a remake for TV land the cult characters will get a 2016 update (fingers crossed it doesn’t go as poorly as Mean Girls 2)
Apparently instead of the typical blonde bitches this group of Heathers will be a group of outcasts. I don’t know how this will work because I think the whole point of the heathers was subverting the popular girl trope instead of the ‘loser’. I’m also wondering how they’ll manage to pursue the gun violence and the bomb threat in the 21st century…

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