[Potential Game of Thrones Spoilers] 7 Candidates for Azor Ahai


Even the most short sighted Game of Thrones viewers have noticed that there are some burning questions and prophecies knocking around Westeros at the end of season six “Is Arya coming back?’ Who will ride the dragons?” and “Who will save us from the White Walkers?”

Something that isn’t particularly at the forefront of the series right now is the legend of Azor Ahai in the R’hllor, Lord of Light Faith. A legendary warrior who brandished a magical burning sword named Lightbringer defeating the Others (White Walkers) the first time around. The legend is referenced in the Old Gods and the Faith of the Seven as The Prince that was Promised.

According to the prophecy Azor shall be reborn under a red comet amidst salt and smoke. After the long summer Azor Ahai is predicted to wield the sword against R’hllor’s enemies- The White Walker’s. And as at the end of Season Five we saw the White Walker army, the question of the saviour is suddenly becoming all that more important.

So we’ve ranked our potential eight candidates for Azor Ahai:

1) Daenerys Targaryen: 7/10


Daenerys Storm Born of House Targaryen, the first of her name, the unburnt, ‘Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhonynar and the first men, Khaleesi of the Great Sea, Breaker of the chains and the Mother of the Dragons may be getting herself another name if this fan theory is correct.
Aeamon Targaryen’s heart breaking death bed realization, he comes to the conclusion that the Prince that was Promised may not necessarily lend itself to a man as Dragons do not subscribe the gender in the same way that humans do. If you think of it metaphorical, Daenerys was reborn on Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre with smoke and then on the red sea (salt) And instead of Lightbringer being a sword it could potentially be her dragons.
Daenerys independently being everything she is might be too much for one person so at the moment she get’s the seven out of ten until her story is given time to calm down.




2) Aegon Targaryen 4/10


Something that has not been addressed in the TV show but is a pretty prominent story in the books is the return of Aegon Targaryen. Aegon Targaryen, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Daenerys nephew, who was supposedly killed as a baby on the word of Twyin Lannister, is revealed to be alive.

Rhaegar Targaryen was said to the be Prince that was Promised back in his youth and then of the night of his conception a red comet soared across the sky meaning he fits into that meaning of the prophecy. However even in the book series the legitimacy of Aegon’s parentage has been called into question and he hasn’t appeared in the TV series yet (as we know of) and bringing in a new character to be the saviour of everyone might just be too simple for a show like Game of Thrones.


3) Beric Dondarrion 3/10


Beric is a complicated man with a regal past, a knight who is also the Lord of Blackhaven; he started the series an uncomplicated side character. He took a hundred men to execute Ser Gregor Clegane for treason but apparently perished on the battlefield. He then reappears as the leader of the Brotherhood without Banners, an outlaw group who ambush and kidnap Arya, Gendry and Hotpie. We then learn that Beric has been converted to the Lord of the Light faith after being resurrected by Thoros on the battlefield. He then goes onto to wield a flaming sword in a duel against Sandor Clegane, fitting in with the theory of Lightbringer. Beric is a long shot, but we do have the rebirth and we have the link to the Lord of Light he may have the potential to be the slow burn character in the background.


4) Jon Snow 7/10


A fan favourite for the role of Azor Ahai, Ned Starks bastard until he was reawakened by the Red Woman. He had a hand in the death of Ygritte the mirroring to Nissa Nissa theory. Jon Snow being Azor Ahai would give him an identity and too a man who’s lack of identity is one of his defining characteristics. Also it’d be a satisfying next step in Jon Snow’s story and shows a the true journey of a hero, however this is Game of Thrones and things never come that simply as it’s also been confirmed that he’s now a Targaryen his story may take him away from the white walkers and more towards the Iron Throne.



5) Brienne of Tarth 2/10


Speaking of the women, Brienne’s bravery and sword skills might lend her to be the hero needed to defeat the White Walkers. With no rebirth in the literal sense, Brienne’s identity has been transforming all of her life, from the kept daughter of a well-regarded lord, to one of the only female knights in Westeros. The lord she pledged her life to died and then so did Catelyn Stark, sacrifice follows her around like a shadow. She also carries the sword Oathkeeper made of Valyrian steel which is able to kill a White Walker.

Brienne does have the potential to become Azor Ahai or at least be a commander in his army. The girl’s strength and fight prowess have long been definers of her character. Though there are still sides to Brienne’s story that haven’t been explored yet, will the incorruptible knight ever go over to the dark side, the potential for Brienne’s story at the moment is limitless.


6) Jaime Lannister 5/10


Jamie Lannister, our favourite murdering, oath breaking, one handed Knight fits the perfect Game of Thrones anti-hero. As he was known as honourable knight once, before he killed the mad king Aerys it could be argued he was reborn in the smoke of the fires Aerys was burning people and into the man he is at the start of the series. His changing persona has been a long and drawn out process and the moral ambiguity of Jamie Lannister’s character presents us a long and intricate character arc that shows us that the hero we need might not be the one we deserve. Jamie’s potential to be Azor Ahai, would make a great plot twist and provide a fresh storyline that brings together many hanging threads for the series but as Jamie is currently dealing with things at Kings Landing at the start of Season Six, it’s going to take him a while before he gets to the wall.


7) Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen 9/10


Fans of both the show and the books have figured out the mirroring stories of both Jon and Daenerys. If you believe the theory of Jon’s parentage (Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark) he too is the blood of the dragon. Whereas Jon’s story takes place within the cold of the North and Daenerys takes place within fire both are metaphorical representations of the smoke and salt. Azor Ahai being the two together taking on the White Walkers with the dragons. The meeting of Jon and Daenerys looks to be an eventuality at some point within Game of Thrones, the two of them forming the legendary warrior Azor Ahai is not the most obvious answer to the prophecy but has the potential to define the series.

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