Too close to home: binge worthy TV

A white trash family drama with hints of political scandal isn’t what I’d called must-watch tv but it’s addictive quality and heaps of twists and turns are going to make this perfect TV to binge.

Taking place in the deep south Too Close to Home doesn’t ignore the realities of surroundings with our main family (I don’t think they’ve been given a second name yet) living in a trailer park.

Main character Shelby returns too her backwards town after her affair with the President of the United States is revealed in the press. Interestingly there isn’t a romanticised plot with the affair and Shelby regrets it.

Meanwhile her sister at home, are at war, with her sister stealing a truck and cheating with her older sisters boyfriend. The older sister is having an affair with her sisters ex-boyfriend – this is all very confusing when you don’t know peoples names-

Directed, produced and written by Tyler Perry it has all the markers of his drama but the TV setting allows for plot points and characters the time too develop into people we care about.

The older sister is definitely the stand out and the intentional lack of showing the mother is really good.

The first scripted drama for TLC has all the markers of its reality shows and although the acting isn’t the best, it has room to grow and due to the fact it’s been picked up for a second season it looks like it will.

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