You’re the Worst: S3E2 Fix Me, Dummy

Starting off the episode Jimmy lists his truly free moments
“Leaving his parents home, dumping a girl hard, deciding to eat a whole pizza, hammock, and finishing a writing project.” And he’s expecting a sea of praise from the people around him especially his number one cheerleader only Edgar instead he gets a list of notes and helps his girlfriend move house.

Achieving a gold star for continuity You’re the Worst focuses on Gretchen’s depression this episode. Obviously she doesn’t do it like a regular but she’s going to a psychiatrist finally even if psychiatrists are just people who couldn’t make it as actors.

Greeting therapy with as much amusement as you’d expect from someone who doesn’t wash their legs she’s turns up the defensiveness to the max.

It’s the first appearance of Samira Wiley in her first role after her amazing performance in Orange is the New Black. Here she plays Justina, the insightful psychiatrist who always seems just on the cusp of telling Gretchen to fuck off as she’s being deliberately obtuse.

Gretchen is consumed with the downward spiral that her one little ‘chore’ of opening the mail entails and in his usual self obsessed way Jimmy is more concerned with his getting opinions on his book.

After flushing his pills down the toilet Edgar is flourishing in his relationship finds himself helping out homeless people with their signs “I’ve got a sharpie and all these comedic skills” I think he’s very slowly unravelling and by the end of the series we’re going to be in a very tricky situation..

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