7 Fascinating facts about Scream Queens

Grab your chanel and your butchers knives Scream Queens is back this fall with an all new line-up of potential murderers and victims.

So here are some scream worthy behind-the-scenes information to get you excited about the up coming season




1.May the force

Chanel 3’s hairstyle is actually a reference to Star Wars. Billie Lourd is Carrie Fisher’s daughter so they decided to incorporate the earmuffs as a clever nod to Princess Leia.

In the court scenes deprived on her earmuffs Chanel #3 even produced the Leia hairstyle.


2. Screaming galore

The original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis was instrumental in getting the show on the air as Ryan Murphy decided he wasn’t going to do the show without her.

Jamie Lee Curtis horror movie pedigree is world renowned and they even did a call back to Psycho in the first season, the Alfred Hitchcock film which stared her mother Janet Leigh



3.That boy is a liar

Pretty Little Liar’s actor Julian Morris was initially cast as investigative reporter Pete before leaving the project due to scheduling conflicts.

David Henrie of Wizards of Waverly Place was also offered the role but he turned it down. He was then replaced by another Pretty Little Liars actor Diego Boneta


4.Every Witch Way

After playing a similarly bitchy character in American Horror Story: Coven, Ryan Murphy wrote the part of Chanel #1 for Emma Roberts.

Supposedly at one point there was going to be a Coven spin off but we think it worked much better as a straight up slasher.


5. Kid famous

Emma Roberts and Keke Palmer are both Nickelodeon kids, both were the main characters in Unfabulous and True Jackson VP respectively growing up.

Abigail Breslin was also a child actress but she primarily starred in movies.


6.Pop culture on point

There are plenty of references too classic horror films, the opening credits show a victim in the bath and a killer emerging from the water like in Nightmare on Elm Street.

Michael Myers is referenced in regards to Dean Munsch several times when people are suspecting her.

And the maze that the Chanel’s create is crazy similar to the one in The Shining.


7. Swiftly done

Chanel-‘o-ween is nearly a shot for shot parody of a video that Taylor Swift uploaded to youtube documenting her giving out gifts to her fans you can see them here:



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