Finding Prince Charming: Episode one

Robert, 33 is an interior designer who looks like something out of a Disney movie come to life and he’s looking for love. Robbie’s gorgeous, successful and within the first ten minutes he makes a Shakespeare reference.

Yup in 2016 we’ve finally got the first gay dating show ever (this could be true this could not be true I don’t know)

For VH1 this dating show is helmed by former boybander Lance Bass (Niall this is your future) Lance holds his own as a low-key and very personable host helping to strike the right balance between levity and tension.

There’s been plenty of talk of Robert’s escort past in the press but quite frankly it just feels tacky so I’m not going to talk about it.

So we enter on the usual mansion house where the program is going to take place and in an unusual move the suitor comes in as one of the contestants (now the bachelor couldn’t pull that off) and meets them all on the same level.

In terms on contestants there’s a whole sea of people. Paul’s dealing with the recent passing of his fiancé. Jasen is keeping his cards close to his chest. Robbie comes in all fake tan and boundless energy, he’s bound to rub people up the wrong way the longer the show goes on.

There’s a hashtag game where contestants have to describe themselves in one hashtag which feels very extra and like they’re trying to make the show as modern as possible. But it supplies with the cute moment of Chad describing himself as #flexible only to stumble over himself to make sure people understand he didn’t mean it ‘like that.’

After that the whole episode is basically a carbon copy of every single dating show to come before with a pool party and a little bit drama.

Finally three people are kicked off in a really odd elimination ceremony where Robert puts a tie on each man.

It’s an easy concept and will be relatively popular, hopefully it has an opportunity to grow into itself and find it’s own corner of the dating show world.

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