Wynonna Earp: What can we expect from season 2!

After a season which involved zombie strippers, salty witches and the tentacled guest stars Wynonna Earp ended with the death of Willa Earp, Dolls being shipped off with Doc and Waverly questioning her own Earpness.

The second season of the show is slated to be broadcast on Syfy in 2017 and will reveal who/what/if Waverly Earp shot (Dominique Provost-Chalkley).

Waverly suddenly takes a turn for the evil when she puts her hand in a puddle of black goo, whether that means she’s been possessed with whoever the owner of the black goo is or if she might be a revenant clone.

There are lots of balls up in the air at the moment and showrunner Emily Andras hasn’t ruled out a potential cross-over with another badass female, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In an interview with SpoilerTV she expressed her love for the blonde bad-ass“I would love for her to land in purgatory and have to team up with Wynonna Earp.”


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