Start bingeing now: Orphan Black

Fans of:

  • Jessica Jones/Daredevil
  • Sense8
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Doctor Who
  • The Walking Dead

This Canadian/American/British modern sci-fi hit has been criminally under the radar since it’s premiere in 2013.

When Sarah Manning, a street-smart British punk returns home too be reunited with her daughter she witnesses the suicide of a woman at a train station.

A woman who looks just like her.


And like anyone else would, Sarah steals the woman’s purse and attempts to steal all of her life savings. Only she’s brought into a world of conspiracy and illegal human experiments with clones all of whom look exactly like her.

Currently in it’s fourth season and going into it’s fifth, this show should have won an emmy a long time ago and Tatiana Maslany is a powerhouse actresses playing several different clones each episode and normally on screen at the same time.

Orphan Black returns on April 2017 so start bingeing now and get caught up for the final season.

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