Atlanta S1E3 Go for Broke

We’ve all been there, buying a kids meal or pretending to be younger than we actually are in order to get the kids price, most people don’t argue they turn a blind eye and know there are better things to spend their energy on.

Earnest Marks does not run into one of these people.

Obviously broke and trying to get a cheap meal he’s immediately called out by the day manager about the proper fast-food structure. So he does what we’ve all done in a fast food restaurant and got a cup for water and used it for coke.

Earnest Marks is broke af.

His relationship with Vanessa continues on it’s tentative way, we don’t know much about why they are together. Yes they have a kid but she seems to be doing most of the work and she fights back against the ‘angry black woman’ stereotype while still addressing her emotions. After all she works all day and then still comes home to look after the kid, she’s tired and pissed off when she interacts with him and rightly so.

You can see that Earn loves her but he’s primarily consumed with his own worries. But they go on a date,which they’re both excited about only it’s tinged with Earn’s anxiety over his own lack of funds. Especially as an overzealous waitress upsells him on everything.

In this episode we get an insight into how Alfred ‘Paper Boi’ & Darius make their money. They deal drugs. Earn points out that with Alfred’s rising profile it might be wise for them to be careful but Alfred’s self assured composure means he doesn’t really take it on board.

Alfred and Darius are ready but very quickly their cut and dry drug deal changes location too an RV in the middle of the woods, even before the half naked man is revealed and he’s shot while running away you know that something is not quite right here.

As Darius looses the key too the suitcase and Earn’s phone call for twenty dollars to finish his date, the deal feels like it can change in an instant.

Everything goes off but it doesn’t feel finished. And the episode ends with Earn swigging from a bottle of champagne he’d been saving and reporting his credit card was lost, remembering that…he fucking hates champagne.



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