Too Close To Home S1E4 Have You Heard

We pick  up right where we left off with Bonnie and creepy redneck dude going into the abandoned diner. Redneck attacks Bonnie, threatening Bonnie and her family only to be interrupted on the sheriff who is checking on her because of the call she made prior.

She returns the bike back to Brody (who turns out to be that bearded guy from instagram) she’s clearly upset but refused to tell him why. Brody assumes it’s because of him and their past fling.

And Anna finally arrives home. With Victor who is one of the weirdly (inconsistently) written characters, Victor wants to go out and see the hick town whereas Anna is afraid that a bisexual man in Happy Alabama isn’t going to be welcomed with open arms.

She leaves the lovely guy who drove her half way across the country without even offering to set him up at her homestead.

Of course everything at the trailer park isn’t exactly hunky-dory with a tentative reunion with her nephew and her daughter (Anna would have had to have been about thirteen for this whole timeline thing to even out)

Her daughter ‘Rebel’ forces her into seeing her mother again. After hiding her for the past three episodes we see the mother, Anna gags as she enters the messy room she’s greeted with her mother suffering from the effects of obesity and with a barrage of insults saying she ‘got the whore gene’

And on the other side of town Victor doesn’t take Anna’s advice and goes out.

As the bartenders look at him he pissed on their cornflakes when he orders a martini, you can see what they are setting up to come next. In a twist he and Shelby meet not knowing their Anna connection and after starting off with a gay slur and a white-trash comment the two become friends. Namely because he’s buying drinks.


Things escalate the drunker Victor gets and he’s cornered outside the bar and attacked by a bunch of rednecks. Victor is on the ground left for dead and even in trailer it’s unsure what exactly his fate is..

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