You’re the Worst S3E3 Bad News: Dude’s Dead

Gretchen’s got a problem, she knows Jimmy’s dad is dead but he doesn’t. Jimmy’s ego is at almost nuclear levels as he’s just sold his second book and she doesn’t want to be the one to ruin that. Primarily because she can’t deal with emotions, she doesn’t want to see Jimmy like that.

So she does what anyone would and brings a party of people including Killian, who we haven’t seen in a while and has apparently been abandoned by his father, Vernon and a very pregnant Becca who are still working out their marriage problems relating to money slavery. As well as Lindsay and Paul, one of whom is trying to incept herself into loving her husband and the other is simple trying to recover from a stab wound.

Gretchen figures that if they tell him the tragic news then she won’t have to deal with it. Of course Jimmy doesn’t exactly help, wrapped up in his own ego a lunch meeting with his editor and ‘every mimosa is a chore’ he waxes almost poetically about how hard being a writer’s girlfriend he promises to take her on a Famous Pets of Instagram cruise.

As the book repeatedly gets passed between the characters on who is going to deliver the news, Edgar’s current mental health problems seem all too clear and it’s only Becca’s douche-bro husband who seems to realise that Edgar really needs help.

“Delivering tragic news is like a kind of service. Sacrificing your own comfort so they can have the gift of truth: That is true nobility,” Vernon tells Edgar and we’re suddenly reminded that a comedy that reveals in it’s silliness knows what it’s doing. From Gretchen’s depression to Edgar’s mounting PTSD without drugs, it understands that it’s characters are terrible with ultimately good hearts.

Except maybe Becca.

Gretchen’s ultimately the one to tell Jimmy his dad has died after everything, an inevitability with two people who may have the most functioning relationship out of all the characters on the show.

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