American Horror Story- What is Roanoke?

Six seasons in and American Horror Story has managed to cover slavery, vampires, sexual assault and circuses.

There has been very little known about this season of American Horror Story with several different teaser trailers cropping up the most popular theory was a Texas Chainsaw Massacre until the Roanoke was confirmed.

Roanoke was a British colony in the late 16th century and one of the first attempt by Queen Elizabeth to create a permanent English colony in North America. Within the three years all trace of the colonists had gone and there is still no conclusive evidence about what exactly happened to them.

There have been many theories about what exactly happened to the people in the Roanoke colony and it looks like American Horror Story has some ideas


American Horror Story starts this season in a mock-documentary style with Cuba Gooding JR, Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett playing the reenactors as the story is told talking heads style from their real-life counterparts.

It’s an interesting choice by the team as we see events play out we’re assured that no matter what is happening that the three characters aren’t going to die or suffer any face altering injuries as the ‘real-life’ people all talk about it with relative clarity.

But as Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding JR’s get a fresh start by moving to an old farm house in North Carolina, outbidding a group of rednecks for the property, the creepy family practically have a sign over their heads saying creepy unfortunate family.

So like you know that they’ll probably be dead in the second episode.

The first episode of the series is a soft build with Paulson’s character insisting there’s something in the house while her husband and Angela Basset’s character (Cuba’s sister) don’t believe her.

Things begin to happen to Paulson’s character like she sees ghost women walking around the house, teeth fall from the sky and in the best scare of the episode a mysterious hand tries to drown her.

It’s frustrating and a little different from the usual American Horror Story’s where we have a big death to start off the season, a morally complex female character and a couple more subversive deaths to finish off the episode.

This season of American Horror Story has the potential to be grounded in a bit of reality as we don’t know if what she sees is real and we don’t know exactly what is going to happen when the ‘true crime documentary’ family.

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