Better Things- 2nd Episode

Sam is wishing her reproduction away.

The kids are partying.

Sam’s mom Phyllis desperately wants to be included.

And we talk about periods.


The second episode sets itself up immediately with a trip to the gyno, Sam doesn’t want to run the risk of being pregnant anymore but much to her annoyance Sam “has the reproductive organs of a sixteen year old” which is a bit shit for a woman who hasn’t been using protection in her dalliances with mystery guy.

Still trying with her acting career. Sam then lands a job on a sci-fi movie which involves being put into ridiculous alien make-up but Sam takes it on the chin and in the midst of joking around in the make-up section she’s promptly fired from the movie due to a script change and is sent home.

The stress and the little control that Sam has over her acting career allows the comedy to strike the balance between tragedy and comedy. Pamela Adlon can play a woman who’s dreams are being crushed while wearing ridiculous stage make-up, it’s what makes this show fantastic.

If Sam wasn’t pissed on the flight home from Toronto then she’s fucking fuming when she gets home to be annoyed by her mother (a welcomed appearance by Celia Imrie) and the remains of a teenage party. Max immediately goes into defensive mode and Frankie doesn’t quite see what the big deal is.

The reality of raising three girls alone with the absurdity of her acting career, Sam manages to loose it at insignificant moments like when her daughter is trying to defend herself from repercussions of the party.

Thinking about her reproductive issue seeps into her guest speaker slot at school as she starts a conversation about periods. Really I can’t remember the last time that a main character in a tv she has ever addressed the fact she has a period once a month or even talk about what happens after, with the annoying use of vague language.



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