We’re getting a Harley Quinn movie!

In news to delight all geeks Friday night, Margot Robbie has signed a deal with Warner Bros for two projects one of which will be a Harley Quinn move!!

Margot Robbie who played the psychologist turned supervillain was critically acclaimed in the recent Suicide Squad movie which got – let’s say- “uneven reviews” will be the executive producer.

Robbie, 26, has been on fire in the acting world receiving rave reviews for Wolf of WallStreet just two years ago is now able to get her own film off the ground.

Talking about her love of the character back in August the Australian actress said

“I feel like I hit the lottery… The chicks never get these roles – we never get the roles where we have the funny one-liners and then the kick-ass action scene, but then also, like ,an intricate character with an awesome story arc – you just don’t really get that, like in a big-budget film.”

Whether it’s a film involving the Joker or the Bat family is unknown all we know is that we can’t wait too see it.

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