13 things you didn’t know about American Horror Story

Six seasons, six different stories and a whole cast of character and actors all of whom have probably died at some point at another. Scaring us since 2011, American Horror Story still has a bunch of crazy things in store. Take a look at our sixteen scary (well not really) facts for season six:

Evan Peters has been in the most episodes (73) followed closely behind Sarah Paulson (64)


All seasons of the show are connected although we don’t know exactly how

The murder house in season 1 is a real place and you can visit it in L.A at 1120 Westchester Place

After the 9th episode of every season, the opening credits are going to make sense


Jessica Lange originally turned down her role in season one

Every season gives hints to what will be a story in the next season

There was a plan for a Coven spin-off but instead it was replaced with Scream Queens


Edward Mordrake (Freakshow) was not actual person as often rumoured but a hoax

Queenie, Sister Mary Eunice Mckee, Dr.Charles Montgomery, Marcy and Billie Dean Howard are the only character to make appearances in two different seasons

Asylum doctor James Cromwell and Angel of Death Frances Conroy previously played a couple in Six Feet Under.


Connie Britton wanted to appear in Coven but was unable to due to scheduling conflicts with Nashville

The Hotel run by Lady Gag’s character in season 5 was based on real life serial killers H.H.Holmes in the 1800s

Fans have speculated that each season of American Horror Story represents a different circle of hell

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