90s teen sitcoms that we need rebooted

Let’s  face it we’re in an age of a reboot and the nostalgia for the 90s is at an all time high, so it’s only a matter of time before these 90s kid’s shows get a millennial reboot. For this list we’re just focusing on shows where a teen/ kids are the main focus

5. Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Melissa Joan Hart dominated the 90s with Clarissa Explains it All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. As sixteen year old Sabrina finds out she’s a witch and goes to live with her aunts in San Francisco. We think that Sabrina has reboot potential with Sabrina now being the aunt training a new witch.

4. Sister, Sister


Tia and Tamera are identical twins separated at birth who discover that they’re lost siblings in a bizarre coincidence (is it just us or was this trope very popular in the 90s?) Going through the trials and tribulations of adolescent as sisters in their new blended family.

3. Saved by the Bell 


Fourth- wall breaking early nineties sitcom is perfect for a reboot after a prequel, spin-off and a movie we could now have Zack and Kelly’s fast talking offspring starting at Bayside High and face Mr Belding each week with their gang and a ridiculous amount of antics.

2. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 


The sitcom that rocketed Will Smith into superstar realm depicted a streetwise kid being sent to his aunt and uncles house in Bel-Air. There have been a couple of rumours of a reboot featuring Will Smith’s son Jayden, we think it could work as long as they keep the formula the same of poor kid going to a posh house.

1. Blossom


As Big Bang Theory comes to an end Mayim Bialik could come back as the role that made her famous. In the 90s Blossom was the youngest child in a house populated entirely by boys, she dreamt of a more conventional life. Reimagining it for millennials, we could have Blossom as the single parent realising that life is better spent being happy than being conventional


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