Game of Thrones actress to become Worst Witch

The magical British children’s show is getting a Netflix reboot in 2017 as Bella Ramsey become Mildred Hubble in the Worst Witch.

Bella Ramsey, the twelve year old actress won critical acclaim as her turn as pint-size matriarch Lyanna Mormont. She’ll be playing quite a different character in Mildred Hubble, the clumsiest witch at Cackle’s Academy as she struggles to fit in and make friends.

Introducing a whole host of new actresses to an international platform including Tamara Smart as best friend Enid Nightshade and Meibh Campbell as partner in crime Maud Moonshine. And Jenny Richardson will be playing Mildred’s arch enemy Ethel Hollow in a role made famous Star Wars actress Felicity Jones.


The Worst Witch is part of the current kids directive for Netflix which includes Degrassi: Next Class, Mako Mermaids and Project Mc2

Andy Yeatman, Director of Global Kids Content for Netflix described the news shows saying

“Our mission of creating stories and characters younger members can relate to, and even aspire to be, comes through in these projects, while set in very different contexts, both shows center around characters who are learning to deal with and overcome hardship, while also enjoying the journey and all its surprises.”

The Worst Witch premieres sometime in 2017

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