Hooten and The Lady: Review

What do you get when you cross royalty with a rogue and a potential historical find and a big-ass pile of cash.

This new Sky1 show!

Yup Sky is getting into the weekend telly game with this adventure series, which not without it’s flaws manages to be an entertaining hour of TV.

Hooten’s in the Amazon trying to sell diamonds when he manages to get caught in the middle of a tribal ritual and is nearly ‘oiled up and taken into the chiefs cabin for sex’ in one of the many corny jokes the show has.

It’s reminiscent of old adventure movies like Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone, the dynamic between the two main characters is very reminiscent of The Mummy.

Ophelia Lovlibond plays Lady Alexandra Spencer-Parker, who works at the British museum and manages to convince them to fund a research discovery trip to the Amazon to find the remains of a lost Victorian explorer.

Ophelia Lovibond talked about her character with the Daily Express describing her as:

“When I read the script it was clear I’d get to do lots of stunts, which really appealed. I knew I’d be climbing up mountains and trekking across deserts and it’s such a delight as a woman when you get to do roles like that, she’s intelligent and bold and courageous, and that was hugely appealing to me.”

As the two meet uncomfortably tied up amount to die at the hands of the Amazonian tribe, they manage to escape and team up to discover the lost city of El Dorado. Only to be hotly pursued by the French guide who brought Lady Alex to the Amazon.

Hooten and the Lady seems like something which would be more at home on the BBC on a saturday night with it’s kind of lame premise and action and adventure. There’s not much story but both actors are good and the bickering banter is cliche but charming in it’s sincerity makes an enjoyable program.

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