Snyder gives us a glimpse at the new Commissioner Gordon

Observing Batman day on the 17th, Zack Snyder tweeted out this moody picture of Commissioner Gordon in the new Justice League.

Gordon, played by J.K Simmons is said to have an instrumental role in the upcoming Batman reboot, this picture suggests a noir type feel to Gotham that is symptomatic of Zac Synder’s heavily stylised directing style.

Academy award winner J.K Simmons has enjoyed a long and diverse acting career in The Closer, Law and Order and indie movies like Juno. The Justice League will also mark the fourth time that William Defoe and J.K Simmons have starred in a comic book movie together as the two previously worked on the 2005 Spiderman.

There have been many rumours about what exactly the storyline for the Justice League film is and most theories surround Steppenwolf and his army trying to retrieve the dark boxes from the city of Atlantis.


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