Everything we’ve got on the new Aquaman movie

The revival of Aquaman didn’t exactly set pulses racing until his reveal in the critically panned Batman v Superman. Seeing Jason Momoa playing Arthur Curry immediately elevated the normally ‘twee’ looking superhero to new heights (or new depths if we’re making a deep sea pun.)

The release date won’t be confirmed official for a while but reports have said it’s going to be a summer 2018. The new movie will be based on Geoff John’s Aquaman reboot The Trench (The New 52).

In the comic Arthur Curry is a well-known superhero who is often mocked and not taken seriously due to his powers. Married to the fiery Mera, a mermaid who doesn’t take shit from anyone there’s enough jokes and humour to revive even the most intense DC story.

The script is apparently undergoing rewrites at the moment and Will Beall (Gangster Squad) will be heading up the screenplay.

There has so far only been three confirmations for casting including Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Amber Heard will be playing his wife Meera and Willem Dafoe will be playing Nuidis Vulko. And despite fan rumours James Wan confirmed that Michael K. Williams will not be playing Black Manta in the movie.

Amalfi Coast off the Salerno Gulf in southern Italy is allegedly being used as the underwater castle after featuring on Mr. Was instagram.


Fingers crossed this one is better than Batman v Superman




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