Lucifer Season 2

Lucifer MorningStar is back on your Monday nights and he’s dealing with his mommy issues. We left off last season with Mazikeen leaving, Amenadiel and Lucifer putting aside their difference and their mother escaping from hell.

We find Lucifer in a constant state of anxiety and visiting Dr Martin’s office to work out some of the issues. He describes his mother as initially lovely but grew cold and distant as his father started working on humanity and she did nothing when God kicked him out of Heaven.

So when God locked his mother up in Hell he did the exact same thing, nothing.

And now Lucifer is paranoid she’s going to show up and seek revenge on his for his ambivalence to her torture. We’re greeted with a potential for a woman who’s a powerful threat to Lucifer and a potential enemy to unite everyone.

Meanwhile we are still in a procedural show so we get a case of the week.

Lucifer still takes his job with the Detective seriously and they attend a murder on a movie set. A woman is slumped over on one of those fairground rides with two metal horns protruding out of her forehead so Lucifer naturally assumes it’s his mother coming back to taunt him.

Chloe Decker is criminally underused this episode her personal plot lines waylaid and most of her personality is stunted. Maybe they are trying to put a hold on the sexual tension between the two characters but it just feels like underusing a great actress.

They visit the stand-ins house and her landlord reveals that she in fact got her the role on the TV as she’s also an onset nurse. And we’re reminded that L.A is littered with people and the misery of not quite making it.

At the crime scene we also discover that Detective Douche has been reinstated and will be helping on the case. And Lucifer is sure that the young actress Amy, whom the murder victim was a stand-in for is his mother.

Played by Skins actress Jessica Sula, Amy is a coke-addicted teen idol whom after she hits on Lucifer. The imperfect teen idol thing is a little bit of a cliche but Jessica Sula is a fantastic actress so she manages to pull it off.

And the stand-in also doubled as her sober buddy managing to get her sober once before by cutting off the supply from her drug dealer, Am then goes and finds a new one that marks their stuff with a cute devil emoji.

Stumped they try and find the new drug dealer. Meanwhile Lucifer’s brother decides that he’ll throw the detective off the scent that they are angels by telling her the whole ‘being shot thing’ last season was a fakeout and Lucifer was actually wearing a body vest and blood capsules.

They manage to find links to the new drug dealers only they have nothing to do with it and they realise someone in the medical field has to have done the crime.

Leading them back to the landlord/nurse. Lucifer decides to work out his mommy issues with the nurse who killed a girl who was like a daughter to her only he’s knocked by his own hubris when the detective comes to the door and he’s not invincible anymore.

Ready to lay his anxieties about his mother to rest and get on with his life until a beautiful woman comes through the door and calls him Lucifer and suddenly he knows it’s his mother.

Check out the trailer for the next episode and tell us what you think about mommy evil

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