Kristen Bell and The Good Place

Eleanor Shellstrop is waiting patiently in an office for Michael (Ted Danson), the exchange a few words of polite conversation before Eleanor quietly asks him what she’s doing here.

Turns out she’s dead.

Michael very nicely explains that she died in a collision with an erectile dysfunction truck and an ex-boyfriend found her.

But it’s fine because she made it too the good place.

The Good Place is not the first TV show to deal with afterlife, Drop Dead Diva, Dead like Me and Proof. The shows usually work if there’s enough comedy to off-set the emotions of death allowing moments of black comedy.

The wonderful world designed by the architect Michael for a perfect place filled with good people who did good with their time on earth like Eleanor who spent her time on earth getting innocent people off of death row. She get’s her perfect tiny, clown-painting filled house and meets her soul mate Chidi Anagonye an ethics professor.

Only Eleanor Shellstrop never rescued people from death row. Someone made a very big mistake.

She’s a sales rep from Phoenix and she’s actually kind of a shitty person, as we see in flashbacks where she tells a charity person to ‘eat her farts’ and manages to constantly get out of being the designated driver. She’s supposed to be in the bad place and the world around her is crumbling because of it.

Kristen Bell pulls off moody bitch fantastically in her role as Eleanor finding a way to stay in the Good Place, a tiny town designed by Michael to be the perfect place that crumbles into a large frogs and flying shrimp because she’s not supposed to be there. She’s bitchy but charming and Bell plays her very well.

The supporting cast is fantastic Ted Danson as first-time Good Place architect who is overwhelmed as the place he’s worked on begins to fall apart. Jameela Jamil, former British TV host and Radio DJ makes an unexpected appearance as Eleanor’s exceedingly posh neighbour with the funniest British accent on TV right now. Thahani  Al-Jamil get’s increasingly frustrated with Jianyu her Buddhist monk soulmate who has continued with his vow of silence into the afterlife.

And her soulmate Chidi Anagonye is faced with a moral quandary of helping her stay in heaven and keep her cover or dob her in and send her too a place of eternal torture.


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