Scream Queens 2X01

Scream Queens became a 2015 sensation with a show filled with campy horror weirdness. Ryan Murphy managed to create an insane world of celebrity cameos, violence and feather costumes as The Red Devil killer hunted a sorority around campus. In Glee there was always a need to be relevant or educational, Scream Queens didn’t care it was offensive tacky and terrible and that’s why people loved it.

Like the season before it, it starts with a flashback to a hospital on Halloween as the staff cut loose they don’t want to be bothered with a patient dying and his pregnant wife’s hysterics so they role him to the nuclear swamp in the back.

It’s a ridiculous motivation but we know that’s coming back to bite us in the arse.

In a two year time jump the Chanel’s are released after a Netflix documentary proving their innocence. It’s the perfect loophole although I do wonder what Ryan Murphy had planned before Making a Murderer blew up. And Hester’s (Lea Michele) is locked up after she fails to understand what exactly double jeopardy means.It’s a shame because Hester’s off kilter ways was a perfect off set to the Chanel’s exhaustion.

Like 21 Jump Street they seem to be going through the list of school scenarios (my bet season 3 is semester at sea)And Dean Munsch now runs a teaching hospital for very tentative reasons. She employs Dr Wallace Holt (John Stamos) a Harvard surgeon and the owner of a hand transplant + Dr Cassidy Cascade (Taylor Launter) an unemotional young doctor who is very aware he’s “female viagra”. Adding a new presence and potentially new victims for the new murderer.

Zayday (Keke Palmer) seems to be our main girl this season as Grace from last season isn’t mentioned and according to the actresses imbued she isn’t in the show anymore. Zayday is working three jobs to make her way through medical school, Munsch offers to pay her way as long as she comes working as her hospital.

This episode is very heavy on set-up and we’re also introduced to another factor of this season with the case of the week and here we have ‘wolf girl’ a girl completely covered in hair for some mysterious reason but 20 minutes we’re all wondering the same thing.

Where are the Chanels?

We meet the Chanel’s almost halfway through the episode, downtrodden and hated due to their behaviour in the trial. They got communication majors and we’re disowned by their family, now all living together in a less than glamorous life.

Dean Munsch finds them taking menial jobs vaguely related to the medical field, she feels sorry for them or something and gets them enrolled in medical school. The Chanel’s clothes game is suddenly stepped up with a ridiculous nurses outfit. Meanwhile Zayday is trying to figure out how to help wolf girl and decides that the best course of action is drilling a hole in her head.

The Chanel’s are supposed to be ghosting the other staff members but instead find themselves in the middle of the action. Chanel 3 and Cascade have a meeting of the morbid minds, Chanel 5 continues her floating and Chanel 1 sets her sights on Wallace Holt and the two band together to try and find the cause of Wolfgirl’s medical condition. They of course discover it has more to do with her diet and ta-da Chanel is a hero.

The show ends with wolf girl and Chanel 5 taking cyrobaths in the middle of the night locked in and suddenly wolf-girls head gets cut off by an unknown figure.

It’s a slow start for Scream Queens but the last few minutes are well worth the wait with the first murder happening in the most shocking wau.

We’re greeted to a change in the Scream Queens brand, where season 1 was a campus popularity story mixed with a slasher, season 2 is like Greys Anatomy mixed with a murder.


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