This is Us: Review and THAT unexpected ending

A lovely and uplifting weepy that will fill the void left by other family dramas.

The premise is the tentative link that connects four people, the day they are born. Jack, Randall, Kate and Kevin all of whom turn thirty six on the same day.

Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia play Rebecca and Jack, a couple whom are expecting their first three children all at the same time. Seeing the chemistry between the two reminds me of shows like Parenthood, it’s sweet and lovely but I’m unsure how long it can make a compelling TV show.

Meanwhile twins Kate and Kevin (Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley respectively) are two thirty somethings who still haven’t worked out their place in the world. Kevin’s a struggling actor feeling trapped in a job which is more about his body than his acting skills and Kate who’s body issues are getting in the way of her having a real life.

And Randall (Sterling K. Brown) has his life together, a wife, two kids and a successful job. But when he finds his biological father William (Ron Cephas Jones) he becomes consumed by it, confronting him about leaving him at a fire station when he was born.

The first episode takes place on the main characters birthdays as they turn 36 and Rebecca goes into labour, they rush to the hospital and everything seems to be going wrong as they start to deliver the triplets.

Kate decides to loose the weight she feels is standing in the way of her living a normal life and meets a guy at ‘fat class’. Kevin has a breakdown on the set of his show “Manny”, the two spend their birthday drinking wine on her couch with her date along for the ride. The spark between Kate and her date is fantastic as a sharp wit moves between the two of them and Justin Hartley manages to make a sympathetic character out of a man experiencing the ultimate ‘first world problem.’

Randall meets his dad and despite everything inside him telling him to yell at the guy he brings him home to meet the family, he desperately wants to connect with the man who left him telling him about the family who adopted him from the hospital. Will apologises, explaining he’s homeless and only to discover that Will is dying.

The series ends with Milo and Mandy’s characters loosing the third baby in an emotional scene the doctor comforts Jack telling him that this isn’t the end.

Jack looks at his two new babies, in a world where he planned for three the hole is still there. He starts talking with a fireman who tells him that he brought in a baby that was left at the station.

And suddenly the penny drops.

You may have guessed the plot twist before the fireman offers him a cigarette and the scene pans out to people in late 70s early 80s clothing, a sea of people smoking inside and dated technology. Its very well done.

Connecting all the characters through family ties we’re left with a few tears and a million questions.

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