American Horror Story: Episode 2: Is it all connected?

Is American Horror Story coming full circle?

We’ve made a return to the Murder House only this one is in North Carolina instead of L.A. Ryan Murphy has said that all the seasons are connected and maybe just now we’re getting an insight into connectivity with our second creepy house.

But the main difference between this season as opposed to it’s predecessors is the true-crime documentary style. My Roanoke Nightmare sounds like something you’d stumble across at 3 am when  We have talking heads and then things being played out in a recreation.

So why now? American Horror Story has never been the most straight forward narratively speaking. It skips between time periods atleast five times an episode and exposition, monologues have been peppered throughout the series.

But the new format is jarring and manages to lower the steaks. If we know the characters are all alive enough to have their story documented by a TV show then it can’t be that scary.

Unless it’s connected to other seasons .

Billy Dean (Sarah Paulson), the psychic from the first season appeared in hotel with little more than a passing storyline about starring in a new series for lifetime.

And here we are.

The story for this season takes place partly in the forest as the couple witnesses pigman being sacrificed by Kathy Bates and her tribe of hillbillys

Lady Gaga makes a blink and you’ll miss it cameo next to Kathy Bates

Gaga talked about the role: “The character I’m playing this year on Horror Story, she’s quite grounded. That might sound ridiculous once you see who she is, but she’s very in the earth.”

Lee (Angela Basset) takes on a bigger role this episode as her child Flora makes an appearance. Flora is a fantastic child actor who runs around the big empty house and makes a new imaginary friend Priscilla whom she tries to strike a bargain with ,when Priscilla warns her that they’re going to “kill them all and save her for last.”

Interestingly the arrival of Flora brings up the question of the timeline. She’s a kid and these days most of them would rather be playing with an iPad than a simple doll and possibly the question of time travel within the universe.

We are learning all about the miserable history of this farm house with two nurses who’d previously used the North Carolina farmhouse to murder elderly people.



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