6 reasons why you need to start watching You’re the Worst

Currently in it’s third season, You’re the Worst is the most underrated comedy on TV at the moment. You’re the Worst tells the story of Gretchen and Jimmy, two pretty shitty people who stumble into a relationship together. Not confined by such sitcom tropes as making the characters ‘likeable’ You’re the Worst manages to be both hilariously funny and emotionally devastating for half an hour every week.

1. It’s a love story for people who hate love 


Jimmy and Gretchen have both been in relationships before where shit didn’t work out, leading to two emotionally stunted people having a bunch of hookups and realising they don’t want to sleep with other people. Sweet really.

2. It shows happily ever after isn’t all it’s cracked up to be


Gretchen’s best friend Lindsay got married at the right time to a nice guy, has a decent house and doesn’t have to work. Only she hates it, after ticking off all the boxes of shit she needed to do she finds she’s a lot happier bar hopping and drinking

3. Literally the best supporting cast 


Gretchen works as a publicist for a rap trio fronted by Sam (Brandon Mychal Smith) has a habit of calling bitch and dishing out the best advice. Meanwhile you get to feel vaguely smug as Lindsay’s sister/ Jimmy’s ex tries to make her life look as perfect as possible.

4. Sometimes it’s accurate af. 


Hipsters are easy targets but their punchable portrayal in You’re the Worst, it also manages to accurately portrayal of snobby parents and the most accurate look at British people outside of London on American TV.

5. It doesn’t shy away from mental illness 


There are plenty of shows out there that portray mental illness but not in the way You’re the Worst does. It manages to capture that empty feeling, the recklessness and the lack of self-care that can often be symptomatic of depression, it wasn’t fixed in an episode or by a relationship. But at the same time Gretchen isn’t defined by her illness.

6. Two people genuinely love each other 


So they won’t say it with roses or gestures but they have feelings for each other. Even two ego loaded sociopaths manage to find each other in this world then there’s hope for us all.

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