How to get Away with Murder: 3×01

How to Get Away with Murder is a show of high stakes. I’ve never worked in a law office but I’m willing to bet that this many lawyers/law students haven’t committed a murder but then again I’m sure they’re all really good at getting away with it.

The Wes story line from last season involved him trying to find out about his family, why his mother died and who his father was. This storyline is served within the first ten minutes of the show with Wes confronting his father on the street and him being killed within an instant (That’s Wes’ father not Wes)

With the body count in the past two seasons being so high people have been wondering how HTGAWM was going to top it. No one saw the shot coming.

Annalise is sure Frank did it and the two go into the darkness to scream out their frustration.

School’s back in session and Annalise runs a law clinic now. Connor stayed, Wes has a girlfriend named Maggie and Michaela has veered off her type-a personality and is sliding down a hole.

Like in the previous season premiere we get a look at what the Annalise 5 we’re doing through the summer. But instead of these flashbacks being peppered in with scenes from their joint murder. Instead we see that Asher is now broke and asking Annalise for money.

Matt McGorry is actually a gift in this otherwise emotionally heavy episode, seeing fratbro Asher who’s whole personality consists of his privileged status suddenly knocked off and having to become a RA in order to pay for college offsets a lot of the emotional trauma that happens in this episode. And with Asher and Michaela hooking up, we realise how far she has fallen…well that and her drinking driving incident which is solved by Annalise.

Annalise meanwhile reunites with her detective beau and spends most of the episode texting a mysterious person on her burner she keeps in her jewellery box.

And in the ‘real world’ the law students take part in Annalise’s law clinic where they attempt to get a man arrested for possession from being deported. It’s one of the genius things about this show when you actually care about the cases that come forth every week and allows the characters to work without all the emotional stuff happening.

Getting Wes to present the case and the team works together to get the case down to a misdemeanour. Michaela drags herself up and manages to get the break in the case. It seems like everything is going to work out…until it doesn’t.

Kareem is still getting deported and it marks a change for the How to Get Away With Murder style. For two seasons we’ve seen the Annalise 5 watch as she exonerates everyone from the innocent to the guilty. Here they’re on their own for the first time and they fail a case which they should have won.

But their personal lives continue, Laurel still pines for Wes and Connor desperately tries to make his relationship work but Oliver can’t stay in it.

The penultimate scene shows Annalise finally get a call on her mysterious burner, a private investigator has finally found Frank. But as she’s on the phone the investigator is called. Frank isn’t fucking around this season.

As an opener, this is the softest we’ve seen. Everyone’s problems are all given equal screen time (with the exception of Bonnie but maybe this because she’s off living her alt. life as Paris) but we do have a potentially interesting ending as we’re not shown a body that’s wheeling into a police van.

Maybe. Just maybe How to get Away with Murder is going to kill off one it’s main characters.



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