Hayley Atwell talks Conviction

Hayley Atwell first came to global attention as Agent Peggy Carter in the 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger. Hayley and her character got so popular she warranted her own spinoff which was sadly cancelled this season but when she was cast in the upcoming ABC show we were interested.

In the show Hayley plays a woman who grew up as the daughter of an American President and whom we see in the first episode of the season arrested for cocaine possession

“Hayes Morrison is a very trouble former first daughter she’s kind of on her own existential cliff” Hayley explained. A departure from straight-laced Peggy Carter character allowing Hayley Atwell to stretch her acting chops with a brand-new American accent.

Conviction is a procedural show at it’s heart as Hayes Morrison is strong-armed into heading up NYC’s new Conviction Integrity Unit. Along with her group of misfits, Hayes investigates closed cases that potentially may not have been given the right amount of justice.

“A woman fighting to have an authentic voice in a very corrupt and flawed system.”

Hayley’s new show starts this October



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