What did Joseph Morgan say about the new season of the Originals?

In a recent instagram video Joseph Morgan spilled the beans on what we can expect to see on the fourth and possibly final season of the CW’s vampire show The Originals.

In the video Morgan commented that:

“Someone will be betrayed. There will probably be a staking of some kind or another. Blood will flow. Enemies will become friends, friends will become enemies. Strange and new alliances will be formed.”

Grown-up Hope had also been seen on set, played by the adorable Summer Fontana, at the end of season three we saw Hayley take Hope away from New Orleans in order to give her the safety that Hayley never got growing up

However pictures released from set show them all in the woods, including Nathaniel Buzolic and Claire Holt are confirmed back for the first episode of the season what comes after that we don’t know…


The fourth season of The Originals arrives in early 2017, a 13 episode season leaving some fans to suspect that the CW wants both the Vampire Diaries and the Originals to end at the same time.

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