This is Us: Makes three

The second episode of This is Us dives into the adult lives of our Big Three immediately. Kate’s still struggling with her weight, Randall’s working out things with his biological dad and Kevin is facing the ramifications of quitting his job in the middle of a two year contract.

This is Us continues it’s warm, wholesome family drama feel  while still creating intriguing about unresolved relationships within the family. Jack and Rebecca are still back in the 1980s rising three kids and their marriage is suffering because of it.

In the flashback we see Kate’s been struggling with her weight for years and we get to see the dynamic between all three siblings as Randall was sidelined in the previous episode with his own drama. Kevin and Randall have a fairly stretched relationship in 1980s as they obviously subject to some mockery at the school yard.

In the present Kevin is still making the most of his first world problems as he expects his agent to sort out the mess he created by quitting his third-rated network sitcom in the middle of the show. Kevin’s earnest pursuit of acting makes more sense as we realise he just wants everyone to like him, quitting his sitcom is the first time he’s actually done something he wants to do. But his people pleasing attitude continues as he agrees to go to his agents party and beg for his job back.

Randall’s wife is worried that her husband’s biological father is using them for money. Protecting a man who’s desperately trying to find out about himself, her worries are not unfounded.

In a complete different marriage during the 1980s Rebecca and Jack drift further apart, he drinks at the bar with his buddy who points out he should be lucky to have a wife like Rebecca and when she gets home she finally puts her foot down. No more drinking.

He convinces Kate to join him at the party and all her worries about her weight are amplified as she tries to find a dress that fits her. Toby comforts her and drags her out to the party even after she hulks out on her weight loss group.

For a night Kate forgets her worries and Kevin eventually stands up to his agent after a phone call with Randal. You can feel the love between the three of them and a lot of things are unsaid, probably going to be revealed to us in flashbacks. But in this episode we do find out that Randall’s biological dad goes home to feed his cat and we get a picture of a man’s life that was very small before his son came back into it.

The final scene at Randall’s home is especially interesting as his kids yell out “Grandpa and Grandma’s here” and we see an aged up Mandy Moore and an aged up Jack’s friend from the bar.

So I’m definitely tuning in next week…

  • What is everyone’s last name this hasn’t been revealed
  • What’s poor Jack doing?
  • I’m scared Kate’s boyfriend isn’t what he seems
  • Will we get grandparents in the flashbacks?

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