Younger season 3 recap

Younger returned TV land last night in it’s season three premiere and Liza is getting into trouble once again. Younger is a perfectly cute sitcom about a woman in her mid-forties who tries to navigate life as a twenty-something that has recently delved into the kind weird and absurd areas.

Last season in the most ridiculous death on TV, Kelsey’s boyfriend Thad was killed by a fallen piece of construction and his twin brother Chad was revealed. It was a laughable twist that they’ve played straight for some reason it would have been fantastic if they’d just revelled in it’s ridiculous.

So starter of season 3 and Liza is still reeling from her kiss with Charles and is trying to mend her relationship with Josh as she sends her daughter back off to college. Meeting with other parents of college-aged children Liza is visibly different from the uptight parents around them.

At work Liza comes across Kelsey and Chad are trying to access Thad’s laptop which Eliza is very aware will reveal her actual age and all her secrets. I like Hilary Duff, she’s cute and nice but this episode her lack of emotions just amplifies the oddness of Thad’s death. Even if she doesn’t feel anything there just isn’t any feeling there, maybe they’ll go into the next episode.

Also this episode featured a play-on the Marie Kondo “Magic of Tidying” book that was all the rage last year. Only this time you ‘kiss it and you let it go.’

Kelsey and Diana form an unlikely friendship as ‘trout pout’ attempts to comfort Kelsey in the only way she knows how: copious amounts of vodka and show tunes. Drunk Diana is definitely

The show ends up Charles deciding it’s more trouble than it’s worth to get involved with Eliza, it was just a kiss and they should let it go.

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